Release the Draken!

Although they have a reputation for brutality, the Vikings were, in fact, a well-rounded people who excelled at art, storytelling, craftsmanship, and especially shipbuilding. The largest Viking of modern times, Draken Harald Harfagre, is currently on an east coast tour of the United States. In fact, the ship will be stopping in Ocean City from August 22 until August 29. While the ship is in town, you will have the unique opportunity to tour the vessel and learn all about the seafaring ways of the Vikings. Draken Harald Harfagre is ornamented with a dragon’s head and tail, per tradition, as well as decorations that match Viking excavations. The goal of this tour, as well as curator Sigurd Aase, is to demonstrate how the Vikings discovered the Americas long before Columbus began his famous journey. With a tour of this breathtaking ship, you can see that they succeeded in a remarkable way.

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